A full-scale bioremediation study of diesel fuel-contaminated soil: the effect of plant species and soil amendments

Ex situ bioremediation of diesel fuel-contaminated soil in two different climates

Hydrothermal conversion of oilseed cakes into valuable products: Influence of operating conditions and whey as an alternative process liquid on product properties and their utilization

The Effect of Biochar Applied Alone and in Combination with Mineral and Organic Fertilisers on the Yield of White Cabbage and Soil Properties

Thermo-kinetic analysis of pyrolysis of thermally pre-treated sewage sludge from the food industry

The advantages of co-digestion of vegetable oil industry by-products and sewage sludge: Biogas production potential, kinetic analysis and digestate valorisation

Pyrolysis of Solid Digestate from Sewage Sludge and Lignocellulosic Biomass: Kinetic and Thermodynamic Analysis, Characterization of Biochar


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